ADLINK Pocket AI Review: A Handy Boost for Your PC

If you’re looking to give your PC a power boost, check out the ADLINK Pocket AI. This little device, not much bigger than deck of cards, is making waves with its impressive features.

What is ADLINK Pocket AI?

The ADLINK Pocket AI is a portable GPU that brings AI and graphics processing to your PC. It’s super easy to set up – just plug and play. It’s perfect for professionals who need extra GPU power for AI tasks.


Despite its small size, this GPU is a powerhouse. It has 2048 NVIDIA CUDA cores, 64 NVIDIA tensor cores, and 16 NVIDIA RT cores. With 4 GB of GDDR6 memory and compatibility with Windows and Linux, it’s versatile.


The design is simple yet functional. It comes with a protective rubber sleeve for heat control and efficient cooling. It looks sleek in black, silver, and green.


While it may not beat higher-end GPUs, it’s a great addition for laptops with integrated graphics. It can significantly improve your PC’s performance.


At $429, it might seem a bit pricey, but compared to other options, it’s quite reasonable.

In a nutshell, the ADLINK Pocket AI is a handy tool to supercharge your PC without the hassle.

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2 thoughts on “ADLINK Pocket AI Review: A Handy Boost for Your PC”

  1. I find it hard to compare AI abilities, is it 4 TFLOPS, that’d be pretty poor, a Coral PCIe tab, can do 8 TFLOPS, the iPad mini 6 I’m typing this on, is 16 TFLOPS. My Mac mini M1 can do 11 TFLOPS, the speed of the 4 GB RAM, GDDR6, is good, but my Xbox Series S, has 10GB of RAM, GDDR6.

    You need a good quantity of long term memory, to train AIs, a TB, of PCIe 4 SSD, which can also run, in Thunderbolt, through a fan stick, USB C cable. The speed is good, when I use a backup, for my Mac mini M1, I can factory reset and reboot, in the same time, as it takes to reset my iPad mini 6, 40 minutes.


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