AI Art Controversy: Shad M. Brooks and his Girl Beheading Dragon

Shad M. Brooks Art Girl Beheading Dragon

Shad M. Brooks made a cool artwork with a girl killing a dragon using AI. some people thought AI art is too easy, but Brooks said, “No way, this was hard!”

People argued online about whether AI art is good or bad.

Behind the Scenes:

Brooks explained making the art was not a piece of cake.

He had to work a lot to put together the girl, the dragon, and the background.

Even though he’s not a super pro, he’s excited to try more cool stuff like subtle things and sword fights.

Girl Beheading Dragon Controversy

People on the internet had mixed feelings. Some said the art looked weird.

A guy named Justin Whang dissed the art, and others made their versions without using AI.

Some artists said AI might mess up real artistic skills, while others said it helps them get better.

Artists Join the Party:

Many artists shared their own versions of the dragon-slaying art. some said AI is not cool, but others said it’s a chance to learn and grow.

The End? Not Quite:

Shad M. Brooks shook the art world, and now it’s a free-for-all of opinions!

Is AI making art too easy, or is it making it better? The debate is still on!

The drama unfolds as artists throw down their creations, and the battle between creativity and AI heats up.

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