AI Makes George Carlin Full Special Comedy

AI Makes George Carlin

In a surprising twist, comedy legend George Carlin is making a comeback over 15 years after his passing, thanks to an artificial intelligence-generated comedy special by Dudesy.

The hour-long special, boldly titled “I’m Glad I’m Dead,” showcases an AI spin on Carlin’s signature style, tackling current events with fiery opinions on Trump, reality TV, tech, and even addressing sensitive issues like gun rights activists’ intersection with transgender Americans.

Dudesy, Youtube Channel is responsible for this resurrection, is the brainchild of Mad TV alum Will Sasso and podcaster Chad Kultgen.

In a YouTube description written by AI, it promises an hour of the best George Carlin impersonation, capturing the comedy legend’s iconic style to address topics he might discuss today.

During the special, Dudesy clarifies that the AI recreation is not the real Carlin, emphasizing that the content was created akin to a human impressionist’s work.

The AI even acknowledges listening to all of Carlin’s material to imitate his voice, cadence, and attitude.

While it’s uncertain if Carlin’s family is involved in the project, the AI Carlin doesn’t shy away from controversial topics.

This AI-generated comedy special follows in the footsteps of a similar project featuring NFL legend Tom Brady, which reportedly led to threats of legal action from the quarterback.

The new AI special pays homage to Carlin’s famed social commentary, ensuring that his legacy lives on with a modern twist.

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