AI Playing Pokemon Game

AI Playing Pokemon Game

Ever wondered how a computer program would fare in a classic video game like Pokémon Red Version?

Dive into the exciting world of AI-driven gameplay as we explore how an artificial intelligence agent learned to master this iconic adventure.

Pokémon Red Version Game

AI Playing Pokémon Red Version Game

Step into the shoes of a budding Pokémon trainer in this 1990 Game Boy classic. Explore the vast Kanto region, capture creatures known as Pokémon, and battle to become the ultimate Pokémon Champion.

The AI’s Pokémon Red GamePlay:

With 50,000 hours of gameplay, Peter Whidden trained an AI to navigate the Pokémon world.

This AI, driven by a reinforcement model, gains points for leveling up Pokémon, exploring, winning battles, and triumphing over gym leaders.

Starting from random button-mashing, it learns through trial and error.

Achievements and Challenges:

Witness astonishing feats! The AI conquered all eight badges, defeated the Elite Four, and outperformed human players in gym battles.

Its success rate?

100% against gym leaders, 96% against the Elite Four, and 88% against its rival.

Significance of this Gaming Experiment:

This experiment proves that reinforcement learning empowers AI to conquer complex games autonomously.

Pokémon Red Version offers a diverse gaming landscape, raising intriguing questions about AI and human-like behavior.


Explore the marvels of AI and gaming!

This experiment bridges the gap between machines and human-like behavior in gaming.

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