Alaya AI: Earn Rewards by Helping AI

Alaya AI

In the fast-paced world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the need for quality data is paramount.

However, acquiring this data can be a challenge due to scarcity and limited resources.

Enter Alaya AI, a cutting-edge distributed AI data platform that is set to revolutionize the industry.

Features of Alaya AI

  1. Fun Way to Collect Data: Alaya AI makes gathering information a bit like playing a game. When you help by giving data, you get rewarded!
  2. Many People Check the Data: Imagine a big group of people looking at the same information. This helps make sure everything is correct.
  3. Connect with Others: You can chat and share information with others using Alaya AI. It’s like being in a club where everyone helps each other!
  4. Helps All Kinds of Groups: Alaya AI is used by different types of groups, like new AI companies, research centers, and big businesses. They use it to get data for things like self-driving cars and recognizing faces.

Alaya AI is a cool tool that makes getting information fun, checks it many times, lets you talk to others, and helps lots of different groups do important things with the data!

How to use Alaya AI

To use Alaya AI, Click above button to start Alaya AI.

Login and Register

  • Then click on “Login.”
  • If you’re new, register using your email address.

Play and Earn with NFT

  • Engage in game-like tasks to collect and label data.
  • You can only answer questions if you have NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Access the Quiz

  • Click on “TASK” in the column to reach the quiz homepage.

Explore the Market

  • Visit the “Market” page to freely buy or sell various NFTs.

Invite Friends for Rewards

  • Click on “Referral” to get a sharing link.
  • Invite friends for generous rewards, including dividends from in-game user rewards.

Adjust System Settings

  • Navigate to “System” to follow instructions and customize your settings.


In a realm where data is the lifeblood of progress, Alaya AI stands as a beacon of innovation.

Through gamified data collection, distributed labeling, and a thriving community, it tackles the challenges of data scarcity and workforce limitations in the AI industry.

Alaya AI not only ensures the quality of data but also paves the way for a more collaborative and effective AI future.

Embrace the future of AI with Alaya AI!

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