Amazon Make New Rules for AI Generative Books

Amazon Make New Rules for AI Generative Books

Amazon is making a rule for writers who publish on Kindle. They have to tell if they use AI to help write their books. This comes after talking with a group of writers called the Authors Guild.

Some people use AI to make books, and these books can look like they were written by famous authors. They can sell a lot.

But, there’s a problem. Some AI-made books give wrong advice. For example, they might mix up safe and dangerous mushrooms.

Amazon is trying to make things better. They’re asking writers to say if they used AI a lot or just a little. They want to make sure people know if a book was mostly made by AI.

The Authors Guild thinks this is a good idea. They say AI can be helpful for writers, but it can be hard to tell how much the AI did.

Right now, this rule is only for Kindle books. Amazon will use this information to make better rules for AI made books.

The Authors Guild also wants to make sure writers get paid if their work is used to train AI without their permission. They might even take legal action if companies don’t pay up.

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