Amazon offers AI Free Courses

Amazon AI Free Courses

Amazon has taken a significant step in boosting artificial intelligence (AI) education with the introduction of its “AI Ready” initiative, featuring eight free courses.

This move is in response to a notable demand for AI skills, as revealed by an AWS study, and the potential for higher salaries in the field.

The AI Ready initiative is designed to offer free AI skills training to two million individuals globally by 2025. It aims to bridge the gap in the job market by providing accessible AI education.

Key components of the initiative include free courses for non-technical audiences, a scholarship program for high school and university students in partnership with Udacity, and collaboration with

The courses cover various aspects of AI and generative AI, catering to the increasing demand for these skills.

According to an AWS and Access Partnership study, 73% of employers prioritize hiring AI-skilled talent.

However, 75% of them face challenges in finding individuals with the necessary expertise.

Furthermore, 93% of businesses foresee incorporating AI solutions across their operations within the next five years.

This indicates the growing influence of AI in diverse industries, making it crucial for professionals to acquire AI skills for future success.

Amazon’s initiative aligns with the trend of democratizing access to AI education, ensuring that individuals from various backgrounds can benefit.

This move follows Google’s launch of its own free AI courses in September, reflecting the industry’s commitment to making AI education widely accessible.

In conclusion, Amazon’s “AI Ready” initiative not only addresses the immediate demand for AI skills but also contributes to shaping the future landscape of AI applications in business and society.

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