AMD acquires for AI Boost

AMD acquires

AMD, a global tech leader, has exciting news! They’ve just signed an agreement to acquire, a top-notch open-source AI software expert. This move aims to boost AMD’s AI capabilities and make it easier for customers to use their high-performance platforms. brings a team of experts known for their cutting-edge software technology. This tech makes it faster and smoother to deploy AI solutions tailored for AMD’s powerful Instinct™ data center accelerators, Ryzen™ AI processors, EPYC™ processors, Versal™ SoCs, and Radeon™ GPUs. It’s like giving AMD’s hardware an extra boost!

Vamsi Boppana, the Senior VP of Artificial Intelligence Group at AMD, said, “The addition of will enhance our ability to offer open software for highly efficient AI models on AMD hardware.” This means users can expect even better performance from their AMD-powered devices.’s co-founder and CEO, Anush Elangovan, added, “We’re all about finding quick solutions in a fast-paced industry. By joining AMD, we can bring our expertise to a wider audience worldwide.” specializes in delivering top-notch AI solutions to big companies, startups, and more. Their SHARK software uses smart automation to speed up the process of setting up powerful AI models. This means less manual work and quicker deployment on a wide range of platforms powered by AMD.

This is a significant step for AMD, a company known for pushing the boundaries of computing technology for over 50 years. Billions of people and major businesses worldwide rely on AMD’s innovations. With this acquisition, they’re set to take AI performance to the next level.

Remember, this is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter for AMD and Stay tuned for more updates!

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