Apple to bring Generative AI into Siri and iOS

Apple to bring Generative AI into Siri and iOS

Apple is set to upgrade its technology by diving into world of generative AI. This move aims to infuse generative AI capabilities into iOS, Siri, and various applications.

CEO Tim Cook reveals that Apple has been quietly working on generative AI technology for years, though catching up with recent AI advancements has been a priority.

Other tech giants like Google and Microsoft surged ahead, introducing generative AI versions of their search engines.

Apple’s Development:

Apple introduced its own powerful language model called Ajax and a chatbot named “Apple GPT” for internal testing.

The challenge now is to seamlessly integrate this technology into their products and compete effectively.

Apple’s engineering teams are exploring ways to integrate generative AI into development tools like Xcode, potentially streamlining app development.

Additionally, efforts are underway to infuse AI capabilities into various Apple apps.


There’s an ongoing debate within Apple on the deployment of generative AI, weighing options like on-device, cloud-based, or a hybrid approach.

This choice will be crucial as Apple aims to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving field of generative AI.

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