Which Is the Best Face Swap Online Website? (From Tech View)

Face Swap Online Website

In 2024, there are flooded with numerous face swap websites, each claiming to be the best or top in the field. But when evaluated from a technical perspective, which one truly deserves the crown? This article will give you an answer, read on to learn more.

Top 3 Faceswap Online Website

1.HeyEditor: 4.9/5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is an online face swap website perfect for swapping faces in photos, GIFs, and videos. Its standout features include the ability to choose the original face shape or target face shape for target face.

2.Deepswap: 4.9/5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Deepswap is a well-liked face swap website and app that lets you swap faces in photos, GIFs, and videos. Unlike other tools, it stands out by allowing multiple face swaps in videos.

3.Deep-Fake.AI: 4.5/5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Deep-Fake.AI is an online deepfake creator that offers a daily free trial. You can use its face swapping service without signing up.

What Is Face Swap AI?

Face Swap AI is a type of artificial intelligence technology designed to replace the face of one person in an image or video with the face of another. Here’s a simplified explanation of how it works:

  • Upload the Original Picture: You put in the photo or video with the face you want to change.
  • Upload the New Face: You then upload the photo with the face you want to put onto the first photo.
  • AI Does Its Magic: The AI looks at both faces, figures out the features like eyes and mouth, and then swaps the new face into the first photo.
  • Finished Swap: The AI makes sure the new face fits well, matching things like light and position, so it looks real.

The Development of AI Faceswap Technology and Representative Tools

Advancements in Face Swap 3.0 (2024-Present):

Now, platforms like HeyEditor and Deepswap have revolutionized face swap technology.

They allow for swapping multiple faces in videos with new features that make the swaps look more natural and fitting. To keep things manageable, these videos are now limited to 10 minutes.

The introduction of self-learning models has significantly improved the quality, making the face swaps smoother and more realistic. But there is room for improvement.

Face swap video editor- HeyEditor

The Evolution of Face Swap 2.0 (2021–2023):

As technology progressed, new tools such as Hoodem, Reface and Artguru came onto the scene, making it significantly easier and faster to create face swap videos.

These platforms eliminated the tedious process of training individual models for each video, streamlining the creation process.

However, they still had limitations, particularly when it came to executing more complex face swaps in videos. Users seeking to swap multiple faces in a single video often found these tools lacking in support and capabilities.

Free Deep fake Generator - Hoodem

Introduction to Face Swap Technology 1.0 (2017–2021):

This era marked the beginning of AI face swap videos. Platforms like Deepfakesweb were at the forefront, offering users the tools to create these videos.

However, the process wasn’t cheap, and the quality of the videos often left much to be desired. Users found that while the technology was groundbreaking, it definitely needed refinement and improvement to reach its full potential.

Deepfakes Online

Which Is the Best Face Swap Online Websites?


HeyEditor.net is an online face swap website with the newest deepfake technology.It adeptly handles complex scenarios, including rapid movements and obstructions in characters’ faces, and more.

Key features:

  • Face swap for photos, GIFs and videos
  • Transform photos into anime.
  • Enhance photo quality with advanced AI tools.


  • Start with a Free Trial.
  • Opt for an Annual Plan at just $8.33/month, enjoying a 67% discount.
  • Choose the Monthly Plan at $19.99/month, saving 20%.

How to use HeyEditor to make a deepfake video:

Step 1: Upload Your Files to Video Editor

Upload Your files to face swap

Start by navigating to the “Video Editor” section and upload your video files. Remember, there’s a limit of 10 minutes and 500MB per video. For optimal results, ensure your video is in HD and features clear facial shots.

Step 2: Select face and also select face shape

HeyEditor introduces unique features like “same as detected face” and “same as selected face,” allowing you to select both the face and its shape for a more authentic face swap experience. This customization ensures your deepfake looks as realistic as possible.

1 credit = 1 photo face swap = 1s video face swap.

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds to get stunning face swapping result

After making your selections, simply wait a few seconds to witness your video’s transformation. For instance, a 9-second video typically processes in about 6 seconds—showcasing HeyEditor’s efficiency.

With HeyEditor, creating compelling deepfake videos is quick, easy, and customizable, ensuring high-quality results that cater to your creative needs.

Same as detected face result:

detected face result

Same as selected face result:

selected face result


Deepswap stands out in the realm of face swapping with its website and app, setting a new standard by offering multiple face swaps in videos.

This feature distinctly separates it from the competition, providing users with unparalleled flexibility and creativity.


Key features:

  • Conduct face swaps on photos up to 10 MB.
  • Create memes and GIFs up to 15 MB, even supporting low-resolution GIFs.
  • Unique capability for multiple face swaps in videos.
  • Comprehensive image tools that include background erasure, image enhancement, and transformation into cartoons.


  • Yearly plan: Enjoy a 50% discount at $4.19/month, with the first year billed at $49.99, followed by $99.99 thereafter.
  • Month plan: $9.99/Month

Creating a deepfake video on Deepswap is similar to the process used by HeyEditor, with the significant advantage of supporting multiple face swaps in videos. This unique feature enriches the user experience, allowing for even more creativity and personalization in your projects.


Deep-Fake.AI sets itself apart as a face-swapping website offering a daily free trial, allowing users to enjoy its services anonymously without the need for registration.

This feature is particularly appealing for those cautious about sharing their email addresses or personal information.


Key Features:

  • Swap faces with friends effortlessly.
  • Create humorous deepfake videos to share and enjoy.


  • Enjoy two free trials daily for face-swapping photos, perfect for testing the service or making quick edits.
  • Includes support for NSFW (Not Safe For Work) face swaps, catering to a broad range of creative needs.
  • Exclusive access to deepfake video creation is reserved for premium members, ensuring high-quality content for subscribers.

With Deep-Fake.AI, engage in face-swapping activities with ease and privacy, exploring the fun and creative possibilities deepfake technology has to offer.


Hoodem offers a diverse range of video templates for creating deepfake videos, accommodating both realistic and anime characters.

A standout feature is the ability to select specific templates, such as the Elsa Frozen option, where users can choose a target face for Hoodem to seamlessly integrate, replacing Elsa’s face with the chosen one.


Exploring Hoodem, we noticed the demo deepfake video had some drawbacks, including non-HD quality and slight issues with smoothness between frames in face swaps.


Deepfakesweb stands out as a leading face swap website in the era of face swap 1.0. It simplifies the process, requiring no special skills or software downloads.

Deepfakesweb assists you in training a unique face model for each video, making the creation of deepfakes accessible to everyone.


How it works:

  • Upload Your Videos: Begin by uploading both your source and target videos.
  • AI Processing: Allow the AI to analyze and render your video, learning from the inputs provided.
  • Download Your Video: Once processed, download your customized deepfake video.
  • Model Reuse: Save time on future projects by reusing your uniquely trained model.

Due to its high costs and lengthy training periods, it may not be the most efficient choice for creating deepfake videos.

FAQs about Face Swapping AI

If you’re curious about Face Swapping AI, you probably have a lot of questions. We’ve put together some FAQs to help clear things up.

1.Is Face Swapping AI Easy to Use?

Yes, face swapping websites are designed to be accessible and easy for everyone. 

With intuitive interfaces, users can typically complete face swaps by simply uploading the original photo or video along with the image of the face they wish to swap in. The AI handles the complex aspects of the process, making it straightforward for users without any technical background.

2.How to Face Swap Photo Free?

To swap faces in a photo at no cost, explore online platforms or applications that provide free versions or trial periods. 

Deep-Fake.AI, for instance, offers two free trials daily, allowing you to easily access its face-swapping services. Just by visiting their website and a few simple clicks, you can achieve stunning face swap results effortlessly.

3.How to Faceswap Video Free?

Video face swapping often comes as a premium feature on most deepfake websites, requiring payment. For those seeking a completely free option, exploring open-source software like DeepfaceLab, Faceswap, and Facefusion is a viable alternative.

However, it’s important to note that these programs demand high-performance computers with strong GPUs and require users to have certain technical skills, including familiarity with Python.

4.How to Achieve the Best Face Swap Result?

For the best face swap results, here are some steps to enhance your experience: Begin by choosing a reputable face swap website, such as Deepswap or HeyEditor. 

Then, using a high-quality image where the face is clearly visible, unobstructed by items like hands or glasses, and directly facing the camera, significantly improves the outcome of the face swap. This ensures the technology can accurately recognize and swap the faces for a more seamless and realistic effect.


To sum up, after exploring numerous online face swap websites and delving into AI face swap technology available in 2024, it’s evident that the best platforms are those that combine speed, accuracy, and user-friendliness, rather than just popularity.

Our analysis concludes that HeyEditor and Deepswap emerge as the leading face swap websites in 2024, making them worthy of your consideration and investment for top-notch face swapping experiences.

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