ChatGPT Faces DDoS Attack: Day-Long Outages Explained

ChatGPT Faces DDoS Attack

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s beloved AI chatbot, faced a major disruption due to a DDoS attack.

This article explains what happened, why ChatGPT was vulnerable, and how users can cope with the situation.

The DDoS Attack:

A massive influx of junk traffic hit ChatGPT’s servers around 7 AM UTC, causing service disruptions and API failures.

This attack, claimed by Anonymous Sudan, aimed to protest perceived bias against Palestine.

However, the actual culprits remain unknown.

Why ChatGPT Was Targeted:

ChatGPT, with its millions of daily users, experienced a surge in demand.

This high demand strained its infrastructure, making it an attractive target for DDoS attacks.

Additionally, the rapid growth left little time for robust protective measures to be put in place.

Workarounds for Users:

During outages, users can try a few tricks to regain access:

  1. Clear cookies/cache and use an incognito browser.
  2. Check DownDetector and OpenAI’s status page for outage confirmation.
  3. Connect via a different network or VPN.
  4. Be patient and retry every 20-30 minutes.
  5. Consider alternative AI chatbots like Claude or
  6. Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus for priority access.

When Will ChatGPT Be Fully Restored?

OpenAI hasn’t provided an ETA, as fresh DDoS attacks lead to intermittent availability. Engineers are working tirelessly to block attack vectors, but it’s a persistent challenge.

Challenges of Scaling AI:

Scaling innovative AI systems globally presents substantial infrastructure and security hurdles. Despite these, OpenAI’s dedication to developing ChatGPT’s technology remains steadfast.

The Future of AI:

Despite today’s challenges, ChatGPT’s immense value and potential are undiminished.

OpenAI will invest in fortifying defenses and expanding capacity. Over time, the system will become more resilient.


ChatGPT’s journey is just beginning. Overcoming adversity like targeted attacks strengthens OpenAI’s commitment to delivering stable, secure AI that enhances lives.

Today’s setbacks pave the way for tomorrow’s progress. ChatGPT, a rising star in AI, continues to shine brightly.

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