Conch AI: Best Writing AI Tool Chrome Extension and Mobile App

Conch AI

Do you ever find yourself staring at a blank screen, unsure of how to put your thoughts into words?

Say hello to Conch AI, your new writing companion!

This innovative tool is here to transform your writing experience, making it 10 times faster and more efficient.

Conch AI can Bypass AI detection with Enhancer, magically create citations, and autocomplete your sentences.

Features of Conch AI


Need a fresh perspective on your writing?

Conch AI allows you to effortlessly rephrase sentences and paragraphs with just a few clicks.


Tackling dense articles, books, or PDFs?

Let Conch AI do the heavy lifting. It can summarize selected text, turning complex information into easy-to-understand sentences.

Content Generator

Stuck on a specific topic?

Ask Conch any question, and watch it generate insightful content for you.


Intros, outlines, and more! Conch AI offers a variety of templates to kickstart your writing projects.


Have burning questions while reading an article?

Conch AI can dig deep to find the answers you seek.

A Couch AI for Google Docs Users

Generate Next Sentence

Press ctrl + shift + q and watch the magic happen. Conch AI seamlessly generates the next sentence from where you left off in Google Docs.

AI Enhancer

Fix AI detection issues effortlessly with this handy feature (available on the web app).

Where Can Conch AI Assist You?

Conch AI is your versatile companion, ready to lend a helping hand on platforms like:

  • Google Docs
  • PDFs
  • Gmail
  • Linkedin
  • News websites
  • And so much more!

Let Conch AI Revolutionize Your Reading Experience

Not only is Conch AI a writing powerhouse, but it’s also an excellent reading companion. The Summarizer tool ensures that you grasp the essence of any text, no matter how intricate.

Embrace the Future of Writing and Reading

With Conch AI’s user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features, you’ll bid farewell to writer’s block and complex readings. Say hello to a more productive, efficient, and enjoyable writing journey!

Get Started with Conch AI Today!

Visit the Conch AI website for more information and support. Experience the future of writing with Conch AI, available on the Chrome web store as Chrome Extension and also available on Mobiles.

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