Disney’s New AI Team Making Theme Parks Even Better!

Disney's New AI Team Making Theme Parks Even Better!
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Disney is joining the AI trend! They’ve created a special team to figure out how AI can be used in their entertainment world.

They’re thinking about using AI for making Disney theme park visits even cooler (imagine new robot characters!), and also for saving money on digital entertainment and movies. They’re even teaming up with small AI-focused companies for more ideas.

It’s not surprising that Disney is getting into AI. Lots of companies want to use AI to do things faster. Disney, known for coming up with new stuff, wants to lead this change.

They’ve always been into AI, but now they’re going big! They’re making robots that look like characters and using AI for cool movie effects. They want everyone to know they’re a big player in AI.

Even though some people in Hollywood are worried that AI might replace humans, Disney doesn’t seem to care.

They’re moving ahead with using more AI, even while some workers in their Marvel studio want to form a group.

From a business perspective, it’s smart for Disney to use AI because it can save money. But for people watching from outside, it might be a bit weird. I mean, using AI in theme parks? Has the big boss not seen Westworld?

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