Enfabrica Raises $125 Million to help AI work faster and use less power.

Enfabrica Raises $125 Million to help AI work faster and use less power.

Enfabrica, a company that creates special computer parts for tasks like AI and machine learning, recently got $125 million in funding.

This makes the company worth five times more than before. Big investors like Atreides Management and Nvidia supported this.

In total, Enfabrica has received $148 million. This money will help Enfabrica make new AI technology and grow its teams.

Enfabrica started in 2020, but it was only known to the public in 2023. Rochan Sankar, who worked at Broadcom, and Shrijeet Mukherjee, from Google, founded it.

They saw that the AI field needed better technology to handle heavy work, like using powerful computer chips (called GPUs).

Normal computer parts have trouble keeping up with the needs of modern AI. Enfabrica’s special device, called the Accelerated Compute Fabric Switch (ACF-S), can move a lot of data really quickly between different parts of a computer. This helps AI work faster and use less power.

Enfabrica’s ACF-S can work with different kinds of AI chips and models. This means it can help in many situations without being limited to specific brands.

Enfabrica is not alone in this field. Other big companies like Cisco, Broadcom, and Marvell are also working on similar technology. But with the support and interest in AI, Enfabrica is set to make a big impact.

Enfabrica’s team, spread across North America, Europe, and India, has over 100 members. This shows that Enfabrica is a major player in the world of AI-powered networking.

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