Forbes Launches New AI Search Engine “Adelaide”

Forbes Launches New AI Search Engine Adelaide

Forbes just introduced a cool new tool called Adelaide, which is like a smart search engine powered by artificial intelligence. It’s named after the wife of Forbes’ founder.

This tool helps readers find exactly what they’re looking for on the Forbes website. You can ask specific questions or just give a general topic, and it will show you articles that match.

It’s trained on Forbes stories from the past year.

Vadim Supitskiy, who leads the tech team at Forbes, said they want to make it easier and more interesting for people to search and read their stories.

You can try it out by clicking on the below button.

Adelaide can give you a summary of what you’re interested in, and even suggest related articles.

It’s like having a smart friend who knows a lot about Forbes’ stories.

They’re planning to make it even smarter by adding more knowledge from their old articles, going all the way back to 1917! Cool, right?

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