GamePlanner.AI: Your Travel Planner AI


GamePlanner.AI, a startup founded in 2020 by Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri, focused on revolutionizing travel planning using artificial intelligence (AI).

The company was acquired by Airbnb in November 2023.

Many People want to visit GamePlanner.AI Website now after the news But GamePlanner.AI’s website address is no longer available. Company is no longer a standalone company. Its technology has been integrated into Airbnb’s platform, and the company’s team has joined Airbnb’s workforce.

Before the acquisition, GamePlanner.AI employed AI to create personalized travel itineraries, suggesting activities, restaurants, and attractions based on individual preferences and past travel history.

This innovative approach aimed to enhance the overall travel experience.

Post-acquisition, GamePlanner.AI’s technology became integral to Airbnb’s platform. This integration brought several improvements, such as personalized guest recommendations, optimized search results, and automated tasks like reservations and reminders.

Though GamePlanner.AI is no longer an independent entity, its impact persists through the enhanced features on Airbnb, showcasing the continued use of its innovative technology.

In essence, while GamePlanner.AI as a standalone company no longer exists, its legacy lives on within Airbnb, contributing to an improved and more personalized travel experience for users.

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