Google is taking legal action against AI scams

Google is taking leagal action against AI scams

Google is taking action to protect users and small businesses from two groups of scammers.

The first group used fake AI tools, while the second misused copyright claims.

Here’s a quick look at Google’s efforts to ensure online safety.

AI Scammers Beware:

Scammers tricked people with fake generative AI, pretending to offer Google’s Bard tool.

Google is fighting back by taking down around 300 deceptive pages and ads since April.

They’re seeking legal orders to stop these scammers by disabling their website domains with U.S. registrars, aiming to prevent similar scams.

Fighting Copyright Abuse:

Another battle involves scammers misusing the DMCA, causing financial losses to over 100,000 businesses.

Google’s legal action not only aims to stop this but also raises awareness about the impact on small businesses. The goal is to create a safer online environment by discouraging such harmful activities.

Google’s Ongoing Commitment:

These actions reflect Google’s commitment to protect users and small businesses. By engaging in legal battles, Google aims to set important rules against fraud, scams, and harassment in emerging technologies. This supports a safer internet experience for everyone.


Google’s fight against AI scammers and copyright abusers shows its dedication to online safety.

These actions set the stage for a more secure digital landscape, promoting a safer internet for users by holding malicious actors accountable.

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