Google Maps Gets New Features from AI

Google is making exciting upgrades to Maps, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

These enhancements promise to revolutionize your navigation experience, provide clearer driving directions, and deliver more organized search results.

In fact, the new and improved Maps will feel a lot like using Google Search.

Discovering More with Google Maps

Now, Google Maps aims to be more than just a navigation tool. It wants to be your go-to for discovering new places and experiences.

Maps aims to provide truly useful results, all thanks to its powerful algorithm.

The Power of AI in Mapping

Chris Phillips, VP of Geo at Google, emphasizes how AI has transformed mapping. From guiding your commute to helping you find restaurants and more, AI plays a crucial role in everyday decisions.

A Visual and Sustainable Future for Maps

Google envisions a future where Maps is not only visually immersive but also promotes eco-friendly choices like public transit and cycling.

Additionally, they’re expanding APIs to empower developers and automotive companies to enhance in-car navigation using Maps.

Picture-Powered Search

Google employs advanced AI techniques to sift through billions of user-uploaded images, offering real-time insights. This allows users to ask specific questions and receive relevant results, much like using Google Search.

Immersive View and Lens in Maps

Maps is introducing Immersive View, giving users a 3D perspective of places along with helpful details like business locations, weather, and traffic.

Additionally, the augmented reality feature, now called “Lens in Maps,” allows you to use your phone’s camera to get instant information about nearby places.

Enhanced Navigation Experience

Get ready for a revamped navigation experience with updated colors, more realistic building representations, and detailed lane information for tricky exits.

Plus, US drivers will now see HOV lanes, and speed limits will be displayed in more countries.

The Future of Mapping

Google is committed to providing the most accurate representation of the real world through Maps. It’s a testament to their dedication to keeping the map “alive” and up-to-date.


Google Maps is evolving with the power of AI, offering users a more engaging, informative, and visually immersive experience.

Whether you’re navigating a city or exploring new interests, Maps aims to be your trusted companion.

With these updates, Google Maps is poised to stay ahead in the competitive world of mapping applications.

Go and try these features in your Google Map and Explore power of AI on Maps.

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