Google Rebrands AI Chatbot Bard to Gemini

Google Unveils Gemini, Rebrands Chatbot Bard

Google has launched Gemini Ultra, now called Gemini Advanced, offering enhanced reasoning, coding, and collaboration experiences.

The chatbot Bard is now known simply as Gemini, available across 40 languages on the web and soon on dedicated Android and iOS apps.

Gemini Advanced acts as a personalized tutor and coding companion. Accessible via the Google One AI Premium Plan for $19.99/month with a two-month trial, it’s available in over 150 countries in English. The Gemini app is live on Android, with iOS support coming soon.

Gemini’s features can be accessed via Google Assistant, with iOS integration expected shortly. These advancements aim to revolutionize user interactions with AI, opening doors to new learning and creative possibilities.

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