Google Stops AI’s People Image Generation: Here’s Why?

Google has hit the pause button on its Gemini AI’s ability to create images of people after facing criticism over historical inaccuracies.

Some white people are angry that Google’s Gemini AI image generator refused to create images of white people, but created images of other races just fine.

The tech giant announced on social media platform X that it’s temporarily suspending the generation of such images to address recent issues.

However, examples of it producing historically inaccurate images, like British kings as American Indian, black, or Asian, have sparked criticism and ridicule.

Google acknowledged the inaccuracies, stating that they’re working to improve the model to ensure more accurate depictions.

The company emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion in AI-generated content.

Generative AI tools, like Gemini, generate outputs based on training data and parameters. However, they have often faced criticism for producing biased or stereotypical outputs.

While Google works on improving Gemini’s accuracy, the temporary suspension aims to prevent further dissemination of historically inaccurate images.

Users can expect an updated and improved version of the AI tool in the near future.

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