Geoffrey Hinton, a AI scientist, talked about AI on a TV show called 60 Minutes. He said AI can do amazing things, but we need to be careful.

Key Points:

  1. How Geoffrey Started: Geoffrey Hinton started working on AI a long time ago when he was in a special school. He wanted to make computers that understand things like our brains do.
  2. Teaching AI: Geoffrey and his friends made a special AI program that helps computers learn things by themselves. It’s like teaching a dog new tricks, but with words and numbers.
  3. Talking with AI: Geoffrey showed AI that can have conversations like a real person. It’s really good at understanding what people say and coming up with answers.
  4. AI benefits: Geoffrey believes these AI could help us a lot, especially in medicine. But he’s also worried they might take over some jobs that people do.
  5. Making Rules: Geoffrey thinks we need to make rules to make sure AI are used in the right way. He also said we should be careful about using them in things like wars.


Geoffrey Hinton thinks AI is amazing, but we need to be careful how we use them.

We should make rules to make sure they help us instead of causing problems.

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