Ideogram AI: Image Generation with Text Logo

Ideogram AI image Midjourney is over

This week, a groundbreaking AI startup, Ideogram, emerged onto the scene. Founded by former Google Brain researchers, they kicked off with an impressive $16.5 million in seed funding, led by a16z and Index Ventures.

Now, you might be thinking, “Another image generator?

Don’t we have enough with Midjourney, OpenAI’s Dall-E 2, and Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion?”

But Ideogram brings something fresh to the table – it might have cracked a problem that has puzzled other AI image generators: adding text seamlessly to images, like signs and logos.

Like Creating Disney, Pixar AI Poster with Disney logo and movie name with Ideogram is very easy. Click below button to directly go to Ideogram official website.

Ideogram offers various preset image styles on its web app, from typography with colorful, diverse lettering to 3D rendering, cinematic effects, and more. You can even mix and match styles to get creative.

What’s exciting is that Ideogram is already available in beta, and people are sharing impressive examples of text and images with text on their Discord server and web app.

Yet, Ideogram does have some room for improvement. It doesn’t offer features like zooming out or outpainting, and its results are occasionally inconsistent. But it’s an exciting addition to the AI image generation arena.

Ideogram’s mission is clear: to “help people become more creative,” and they’ve even demonstrated this by generating their mission statement with their own tool.

Investors are taking notice, with names like AIX Ventures, Golden Ventures, and industry experts backing Ideogram. Notable AI figures like David Ha and Margaret Mitchell have given it shoutouts.

While Ideogram is in its early days, its focus on reliable typographic generation sets it apart. This could be a game-changer for graphic designers and anyone looking to create eye-catching text-infused imagery without the need for hiring professionals.

And the competition is heating up too, with Midjourney introducing its new “vary region” feature this week to manipulate generated images effortlessly.

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