Iris Dating: Try New Age AI Dating App

Iris AI: Try New Age AI Dating App

IRIS is new AI Dating App used to find love using artificial intelligence!

Unlike other apps, Iris relies on AI to pair users based on mutual attraction, promising better matches than ever before. Say goodbye to the guesswork of self-reported preferences.

Getting started is a Super Easy. Simply create a profile, add your best photos, and rate a selection of facial images.

This helps train the AI to understand your unique taste. With this insight, iris connects you with like-minded individuals who are likely to find you appealing.

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Features of IRIS AI

Generate Bio with ChatGPT: iris goes above and beyond with its standout features. Meet your personal wingman, the built-in ChatGPT assistant, ready to help you craft bios that grab attention and let your personality shine.

No Fake Profiles: Fear not! iris ensures authenticity by verifying member photos with a selfie.

Free and Easy to Use: iris is free for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Pros of IRIS AI

  1. Spot-On Matches: Let AI work its magic for precise pairing based on mutual attraction, leading to more successful connections.
  2. Time Saver: No more sifting through mismatches. iris streamlines your search, so you spend less time swiping and more time meeting potential matches.
  3. Safety First: Protecting your heart and your time, iris verifies all member photos with a selfie, reducing the risk of deceit.

In a world of endless options, iris AI, an Dating App stands out as a promising choice for singles seeking a smarter, safer, and more successful online dating experience.

Try it out today and embark on a journey to find genuine connections!

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