Microsoft Teams Up with Databricks for Azure AI Boost

Microsoft, after its collaboration with OpenAI, is now partnering with Databricks, a competitor, to bring exciting AI tools to Azure.

This partnership will empower Azure customers to effortlessly create AI models using Databricks’ technology.

In a surprising twist, Microsoft is teaming up with Databricks to offer its AI software on Azure, according to The Information.

Databricks’ technology enables companies to craft AI models from scratch or adapt existing open-source models, in contrast to OpenAI’s proprietary models like GPT-4.

Sources suggest that Azure users will gain access to Databricks’ software, making application development more straightforward and data understanding more accessible.

Microsoft has reportedly showcased this service to select Azure customers and might unveil it in the near future.

This partnership is a significant milestone for Databricks, following its acquisition of AI startup MosaicML and its growing popularity among Fortune 500 companies.

Notably, Microsoft has been an investor in Databricks since 2019, alongside AWS, Salesforce Ventures, and Alphabet-owned CapitalG.

This collaboration is crucial for Microsoft as it strives to recover from recent financial losses and for Databricks as it seeks additional funding to expand its operations.

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