Microsoft to Add DALL-E 3 to Bing Chat!

Microsoft to Add DALL-E 3 to Bing Chat!

Microsoft has exciting news! They’re going to add a cool tool called DALL-E 3 to Bing Chat.

With this, you can make pictures just by typing a few sentences. It’s like magic!

This feature will be available for ChatGPT’s business users in October. However, they didn’t mention when it’ll be on regular Bing.

But that’s not all! Bing is also getting some new shopping tricks. It can ask you specific questions about a product, so it can help you find the perfect one.

Plus, it can help you discover and use discount codes. And guess what? Bing now remembers your previous chats, making it even handier.

Bing was one of the first Microsoft tools to team up with OpenAI, and they’re working hard to make it even better.

Back in February, they added super smart AI features, thanks to OpenAI’s GPT. Now, Bing can chat with you, give you info, create special guides for buying stuff, and more. Exciting times ahead!

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