Odyssey Ai-ONE Putters Review: New AI Putters in Golf

Odyssey Ai-ONE Putters Review

Odyssey Golf has just unveiled a game-changer in the world of putters: the Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled lines.

The real breakthrough here is the integration of artificial intelligence technology. This is not an overstatement – it’s a monumental leap in putter performance.

Odyssey Ai-ONE Putters Overview

  • Odyssey introduces artificial intelligence to their Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled putters.
  • Each putter boasts an AI-designed face insert.
  • The new face design improves speed consistency, bringing the ball “21% closer to the hole” compared to a standard milled putter.
  • Available from Nov. 3 with suggested retail prices of $399.99 (Ai-ONE) and $449.99 (Ai-ONE Milled).

Features of Odyssey Ai-ONE Putters

  1. AI-Powered Precision: Odyssey’s Ai-ONE putters use advanced artificial intelligence for accurate and consistent putting strokes.
  2. Enhanced Speed Control: The Ai-ONE face insert minimizes speed variations, ensuring your ball gets closer to the hole.
  3. Tour-Proven Designs: The Ai-ONE series includes classic, proven putter designs favored by Tour professionals like Jon Rahm.
  4. Improved Feel and Performance: With a combination of aluminum and White Hot urethane polymer, the Ai-ONE delivers both exceptional feel and high performance.
  5. Wide Model Range: From classic Anser-style to round mallets, the Ai-ONE line offers a variety of models to suit different putting styles.
  6. Milled Precision: The Ai-ONE Milled putters combine computer-generated inserts with precision milling for optimal performance.
  7. Reduced Three-Putts: By improving speed control, the Ai-ONE putters help minimize costly three-putts, making your game more consistent and rewarding.

The Unique Ai-ONE Face

What sets the Ai-ONE face apart is its holistic approach. Unlike previous designs, it maintains uniform speed across the entire face, both horizontally and vertically. This ensures a consistent roll compared to a standard milled putter.

The Ai-ONE Putter Models


  • The Ai-ONE, boasts a unique aluminum and White Hot urethane polymer insert. This combination delivers peak performance and feel.

Ai-ONE Milled:

  • The Ai-ONE Milled line combines computer-generated inserts with precision-milled putter construction. Odyssey aims to make a significant impact in the milled putter market with this innovation.


The introduction of the Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled putter lines could mark a pivotal moment in putter design.

The success of this AI-driven technology depends on the quality of questions fed into the supercomputer. If it proves successful for professionals, it could revolutionize putting.

For those already using Odyssey putters, the Ai-ONE series offers an opportunity to upgrade for enhanced performance.

This is a testament to Odyssey’s dedication to creating putters that not only perform but also correct for mishits.

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