OpenAI Planing to Make Own AI Chips

OpenAI Planing to Make Own AI Chips

OpenAI, is diving into the realm of creating its own AI chips. This bold move comes in response to a global shortage of chips crucial for training advanced AI models.

CEO Sam Altman has placed acquiring more AI chips at the top of OpenAI’s agenda, as the demand for these chips soars.

Currently, OpenAI, like many others in the field, relies on GPU-based hardware for model development. However, the surge in demand for generative AI has strained the GPU supply chain, with Nvidia’s top-performing chips sold out until 2024.

Creating their own AI chips would put OpenAI in esteemed company, as giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have already ventured into this arena.

OpenAI, backed by over $11 billion in venture capital, is poised to invest heavily in R&D. However, the world of hardware, especially AI chips, is unforgiving.

While the potential is immense, such a venture could take years and cost hundreds of millions annually. The big question remains: are OpenAI’s investors, including Microsoft, ready to take this bold leap?

Exciting times ahead for OpenAI as they push the boundaries of AI technology!

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