Opera Launches AI Powerhouse in Your Browser

Opera is taking a giant leap forward in the world of AI with its latest announcement. The company is introducing an innovative feature that integrates 150 different Large Language Model (LLM) variants directly into the browser, offering users unprecedented access to powerful AI tools without sacrificing privacy or relying on external servers.

This game-changing feature is part of Opera’s AI Feature Drops Program and is set to debut on the Opera One Developer channel.

With this initiative, Opera is not only pushing the boundaries of browser capabilities but also offering a more secure and private way to utilize generative AI technologies.

Users can now choose from over 150 models spanning 50 distinct families, including notable ones like Vicuna and Llama from tech giants Google and Meta, respectively.

Running these models locally means that all the processing is done on the user’s device, ensuring that personal data remains private and secure. This approach requires more than 2GB of space on a local PC, so Opera advises users to manage their storage wisely.

For those looking to try out this feature, Opera has made the process straightforward.

Users need to upgrade to the latest Opera Developer version and follow a simple set of steps to download new Opera and engage with their chosen models.

This includes accessing the Aria Chat sidebar, selecting a model from the “Choose local mode” drop-down menu, and initiating a chat to see the model in action.

By offering this functionality, Opera is not only catering to the needs of developers and tech enthusiasts but also to any user interested in exploring the capabilities of generative AI in a more private and controlled environment.

This move could mark a significant shift in how AI technologies are integrated into our daily digital tools, with a strong emphasis on user privacy and data security.

Stay tuned for more updates on this feature and get ready to experience the future of browsing with enhanced AI capabilities at your fingertips.

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