Otter AI Review: Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Otter AI Review: Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Meetings are vital for business collaboration, but they often consume valuable time. However, these meetings can be unproductive. aims to change this by using AI to not only transcribe meetings but also extract their value.

Features of

  1. Automated Transcription
  2. Precise Speech-to-Text
  3. Calendar Integration
  4. Shareable Meeting Notes
  5. Searchable Transcripts
  6. Meeting Highlights and Action Items
  7. Time-Stamped Speaker Identification
  8. Easy Collaboration and Annotations
  9. Mobile and Web Access to Meeting Archive

How Works

  1. Otter joins your meetings through conferencing integration or dial-in phone number.
  2. It applies machine learning models to transcribe speech, identify speakers, and create highlights.
  3. Meeting notes sync to Otter’s apps for viewing, searching, sharing, and collaboration.
  4. Otter provides summaries of key discussion topics, decisions, action items, and timestamps.

Getting Started with

  1. Create a free Otter account.
  2. Download the mobile app for your device.
  3. Connect Otter to your calendar for easy access to meetings.
  4. Utilize Otter Assistant to transcribe scheduled meetings.
  5. View, share, and collaborate on notes through the Otter web app.
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Advantages of

  1. Live Meeting Transcription: Otter provides real-time transcription for web conferences and calls.
  2. Media Transcription: It can transcribe audio or video files up to 4 hours long, suitable for interviews, lectures, and workshops.
  3. Automated Summaries: Otter generates concise summaries with topics, excerpts, timestamps, and action items.
  4. Speaker Separation: Each text excerpt is tagged with the identified speaker, making review easy.
  5. Playback Support: Clicking on a text excerpt allows instant playback of the corresponding audio segment.

Otter AI Collaboration Features

  1. Share meeting notes with participants and stakeholders.
  2. @mention colleagues to highlight action items.
  3. Annotate transcripts with comments and highlights.
  4. Integrates with communication tools like Slack.

Otter AI Integrations and Mobile Apps

  1. Integrates with popular calendar and conferencing tools.
  2. Provides apps for iOS and Android for on-the-go access.
  3. Browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
  4. Offers cloud sync with services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Otter AI Pricing Tiers:

  • Basic (Free)
  • Pro ($16.99/mo)
  • Business ($40/mo)
  • Enterprise (Custom)


  • Automated meeting notes save time.
  • Searchable archive enhances productivity.
  • Easy sharing and collaboration.
  • Integrates with common tools.
  • Supports all major platforms.


  • No video recording, audio-only.
  • Higher usage may incur fees.
  • Some features limited to paid plans.
  • Vocabulary training may be needed for specific terms.
  • Relies on cloud connectivity for live meetings.

Is Right for You? is ideal for teams with frequent meetings, offering significant productivity benefits. Consider your meeting frequency, collaboration needs, and willingness to train the vocabulary before choosing a plan.

Conclusion: revolutionizes meetings by providing accessible, searchable, and shareable transcripts. Embrace this AI-powered tool to reclaim your meetings and make them more efficient, transparent, and impactful.

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