Pebblely: AI Photo Shoot for your Products

Pebblely: AI Photoshoot for your Products

Hey there, Imagine making your product pics look like pure art in a snap!

Meet Pebblely, your new creative buddy. No more tricky photoshoots – with Pebblely’s magic, you can put your products in cool scenes like studio setups or outdoor places.

So, what’s Pebblely?

It’s a smart tool that uses super-smart AI to make your product pics stunning. Just upload your pic, choose backgrounds, lighting, and angles. Then bam! Pebblely makes a fresh pic that looks like your product belongs there.

This is like a shortcut for making your products look awesome! It’s great for online shops, Shopify Stores, and anyone who wants to show off stuff in style.

Wanna use it? Here’s how:

Go to Pebblely’s site, sign up, and upload your pic. You can pick backgrounds, angles, and lighting. Then click “Generate” and download your cool new pic. Don’t forget to use a high-quality pic for the best results!

And wait, there’s more! Pebblely is like a superhero tool for different jobs. It can help online shops shine, make social media posts pop, and even create amazing ads. Designers and makers can use it too, without all the fuss of photoshoots. It’s like magic for trying out new ideas!

But, remember, Pebblely isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Some stuff needs a paid plan, and the free one is limited to 40 pics. But if you’re into turning your products into art, Pebblely might just be your thing!

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