Runway Gen-2 Update: Hyper Realistic Image to Video AI

Runway Gen-2 Update

Runway, the cutting-edge New York-based AI video startup, has just dropped a bombshell with its Gen-2 update.

AI filmmakers are calling it a “game changer” and a “pivotal moment in generative AI.”

What’s New in Gen-2?

With Gen-2, users can create four-second videos from scratch using text prompts or add motion to uploaded images.

In Previous update, Runway extended the AI-generated videos to a stunning 18 seconds.

They also introduced “Director Mode,” letting users control the movement of their virtual camera.

Today’s update brings even smoother, higher-definition motion to both AI-generated and still image subjects.

The resolution of videos generated from still images has shot up from 1792×1024 to 2816×1536.

Overall Runway Gen-2 will make Video more smoother, sharper and Realistic

How Does It Work?

No actual cameras are involved here to covert your Image into Video. The movements are all simulated, but it feels like you’re behind a real camera.

You can zoom in, pan, and add motion effects, all in the web or iOS app.

AI Creatives in Action

Using AI-generated imagery from sources like Midjourney, creative minds can now craft entire AI productions.

Some have even put together music videos that hit the big screen!


In a nutshell, Runway’s Gen-2 is a game-changer, revolutionizing how we create videos with AI. It’s like having a film studio in your pocket!

The future of filmmaking just got a whole lot brighter.

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