SOM AI: Try New AI Chatbot

Nabil Raihan Alfarizi introduces SOM AI as a unique chatbot developed to aid his campus research, powered by the advanced GPT 3.5-turbo.

The chatbot, designed with a touch of humor and friendliness, quickly became Raihan’s research companion.

Unleashing the Power of SOM AI:

SOM AI founder revealing that SOM AI chatbot that witnessed an astounding 2000% increase in new user acquisitions within just three days and trending on Google Trends worldwide.

Gratitude to Users:

Raihan expresses gratitude to SOM AI users, hoping the chatbot becomes a helpful companion during research or school endeavors.

The engaging and interactive tone throughout the article mirrors the friendly nature of SOM AI.


In a world dominated by technological advancements, SOM AI emerges as a testament to the potential of innovative AI chatbot development, leaving a lasting impact on users and setting a new standard for user engagement.

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