Spotify Add New AI Features to Podcasts!

Spotify Add New AI Features to Podcasts!

Spotify is doing something super cool! They’re adding written versions of podcasts, like a script, so you can read along while you listen.

It’s like having subtitles for a movie!

You’ll find it under the player in a section called ‘read along’. This makes podcasts way easier to use.

You can even jump to specific parts with chapters, just like in a book. Plus, soon, creators can add pictures to go with the words. Imagine that! So, if they’re talking about something you want to see, you can check it out.

And that’s not all! They’re also working on a magic trick. Well, not really, but it’s pretty amazing.

They can take podcasts in one language and change them into another!

Right now, it’s just for a few languages, like turning English into Spanish, with more coming soon.

So, if you’re learning a new language, this could be a big help!

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