Stability AI Unveils SVD 1.1 for Consistent AI Videos

Stability AI has just raised the bar in the world of AI with its latest offering, SVD 1.1.

This upgraded version of Stable Video Diffusion (SVD) promises to revolutionize how we create AI-generated videos, making them more consistent and dynamic than ever before.

What’s New with SVD 1.1?

Building upon the success of its predecessors, SVD 1.1 boasts enhanced motion and consistency, delivering short AI videos that are sure to impress.

With a resolution of 1024×576 and 25 frames per second, this model ensures crystal-clear visuals and smoother transitions.

Unlike its predecessors, SVD 1.1 addresses common issues such as lack of realism and slow camera pans, ensuring that your videos are lifelike and engaging.

Plus, with fixed conditioning settings, you can expect reliable performance without the hassle of adjusting hyperparameters.

How to Get Started

Excited to try out SVD 1.1? You’re in luck!

This groundbreaking model is available for public use, whether you’re a researcher or a developer.

Simply download it via Hugging Face or access it through Stability AI’s developer platform. And for commercial use, consider opting for Stability’s subscription memberships, starting at just $20 per month.

What’s Next for AI Video Generation?

Stability AI isn’t the only player in town when it comes to AI video generation. Competitors like Runway and Pika are also making waves with their innovative platforms.

However, unlike SVD 1.1, these platforms have yet to offer their models via APIs, limiting their integration possibilities.


With SVD 1.1, Stability AI continues to push the boundaries of generative AI, setting the stage for a future filled with endless possibilities.

So why settle for ordinary videos when you can create extraordinary ones with SVD 1.1?

Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!

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