The Rise of AI Art: Genesis Trailer Take the Spotlight

The Rise of AI Art: Genesis Trailer Take the Spotlight

Nicolas Neubert, a senior product designer, who used a generative AI video creation tool called Gen2 to create a sci-fi movie trailer called “Genesis.”

He had previously used another AI tool called Midjourney to generate sci-fi images.

When he combined Gen2 with his Midjourney images, the trailer went viral on social media, gaining millions of views and media coverage.

Nicolas works as a product designer at Volkswagen but enjoys exploring AI as a side venture. He believes that AI tools like Midjourney and Runway can empower creativity and help visualize ideas with minimal resources.

While some people worry about AI replacing human jobs in Hollywood, Nicolas sees AI as a tool that enhances creativity rather than replaces it.

He made the “Genesis” trailer as a proof-of-concept to show what AI can do today, but he doesn’t think it’s at a level to replace high-quality Hollywood movies.

The trailer received positive feedback and attracted interest from filmmakers and other ventures. Nicolas plans to explore the world he created in the trailer further and tell more stories, but making a full feature film would require collaboration with others.

His love for sci-fi and interest in AI technology inspired him to create the “Genesis” trailer, and he will continue to experiment with AI tools like Midjourney and Runway to create more visual experiences and expand his creative storytelling.

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