TikTok’s Big Move: Identifying AI-Generated Content

TikTok's Big Move: Identifying AI-Generated Content

TikTok just added something super cool! You know how some videos on TikTok are made with the help of AI Tools?

Well, now TikTok has a way for people to show that their videos got some AI assistance.

TikTok loves its creators and wants everyone to know when a video has some AI magic. So, when someone posts a video that had a AI’s help, they can just click a button that says “AI-generated content.” This helps everyone see that tech played a part in making the video.

Why did TikTok do this?

Well, sometimes there are tricky videos called deepfakes. These videos make it look like someone is saying or doing things they never really did. TikTok doesn’t want those kinds of videos, so this new button helps stop them from fooling people.

And guess what? It’s also really helpful for viewers! When they see a video with the AI label, they’ll know AI helped make it. That way, everyone can decide if they believe the video or not. TikTok wants to keep things real and fun for everyone!

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