Top 10 AI Image to Video Converter Tool

In the exciting world of AI art, there are super simple ways to jazz up your images for social media, AI movies, or pure fun. You can make them more immersive, give them motion, make them talk, and create 3D worlds, all without spending a dime.

Each of these tools takes less than two minutes, some even just a few seconds. You don’t need AI-made images even a real photo will be converted to video.

I don’t have any connections with these AI tools, just sharing the goodness with you!

Top 10 AI Image to Video Convert


First off, LeiaPix. Head to their site, upload your image, and voilà! You’ve got a captivating animated image. You can adjust how long it animates and its style. There’s also an advanced editor for extra customization. Click share and pick your export format. It’s simple, but the results are enchanting.

Pika Labs

Pika Labs is a gem. Jump on Discord, head to the generate channels, type your desired movement, upload your image, and hit enter. Pika even does text-to-video where you describe your scene without a picture, and it brings your idea to life.


Brand new and free, InstaVerse from Illumine AI lets you transform your image into a 3D wonderland. Open it, hit 2D to 3D, upload your pic under 2D texture. Add a depth map (use LeiaPix’s depth map option) for that final touch. Then explore your creation in 3D.

Animated Drawings

Animated Drawings by Meta is easy and fun. Originally for kids’ art, it works with any character drawing. Upload a white drawing with separate limbs, and choose from various animations.


GenMo is speedy for cool animations. Upload your image, ask it to animate something, and let it run. The new GenMo chat is even more intuitive and generates quick, fantastic animations.


D-ID lets you upload a face image, add a script, choose a voice, and create an animated result. Up to five minutes for free.


HeyGen is like D-ID but with extra features. It handles famous faces better, a plus if you’re into that.


SadTalker on Hugging Face is free. Upload your pic, add your audio, and let it work its magic. It might take a while, but the results are worth it.


Kaiber offers lots of options. Great out of the box, even better if you explore. The free version lasts seven days.


RunwayML’s a toolkit for video and photos. For this, you can chat with it or use Gen 2 to animate your image.


AI animation tools are transforming digital content creation. They’re a playground for creativity, making your content pop whether you’re an artist, influencer, or just having AI-fueled fun.

If you’re curious about AI’s many applications, feel free to explore more in our other posts. Enjoy the magic of AI art!

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