Top 5 Midjourney Free Alternative Discords

Top 5 Midjourney Free Alternative Discords

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the art world, and now it’s making art on Discord exciting! Here are the 5 best Free AI art generators which are alternative of Midjourney on Discord that you must try this year.

Exploring Discord’s AI Art Generation

Artists and art lovers are in for a treat with AI-generated art on Discord. This platform, originally for gamers, is now a hub for AI art generators. They allow you to create and discuss artworks using AI.

Let’s dive into the top 5 Discord AI art generators to consider using in 2023.

What is a Discord AI Art Generator?

These bots or tools on Discord use AI to create digital art based on your ideas. They make everything from abstract art to realistic pieces. It’s like having a digital art assistant that brings your ideas to life!

Midjourney is at the top of AI Art Generator tool, but it paid and many people can’t afford it so here are free AI Art Generator or Midjourney free alternatives.

Top 5 Midjourney Free Alternative Discords(with Bonus)

Maze Guru4.8/5
OpenArt AI4.6/5

1. Wombot – Making Art Fun

Wombot by WOMBO is versatile. It creates art from text and lets you make memes too!

  • Great for memes, edit after creation.
  • Might need some learning.
  • Best Mixing humor with art.

2. BlueWillow – Art for Everyone

BlueWillow is free and perfect for any artist. It can make different types of art.

  • Totally free with many styles.
  • May be busy at times.
  • Best for Budget artists wanting great art.

3. Maze Guru – Anime Art Lover’s Dream

Maze Guru specializes in anime characters. It also has historical artwork.

  • Can make great anime characters, historical art.
  • It is not much for non-anime lovers.
  • Best for anime fans

4. NOWAI – Advanced AI Art

NOWAI uses a special model for unique art. It’s advanced and exciting!

  • It have Special AI and growing features.
  • It might be complex.
  • Best for tech-savvy artists.

5. OpenArt AI – Feature-Packed

OpenArt AI has many features. You can even chat with others!

  • Many features and active community.
  • Might have a learning curve.
  • Artists wanting it all.

6. Lexica – Quality Over Everything

Lexica focuses on high-quality images using a special model.

  • It can create high-quality images and vey user-friendly.
  • It have limited free images generation.
  • Best For Quality-focused artists.

Wrap Up: Your Creative Journey with AI

In conclusion, Discord is an art playground with AI art generators. Whether you’re an artist or just love art, these generators can help you make, experiment, and share your art with the world. Jump in and let your creativity flow!

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