Try Amazon New AI DTC for Online Shoping

Try Amazon New AI DTC for Online Shoping

Discover a revolutionary leap in online shopping with Amazon’s latest innovation – the “Diffuse to Choose” (DTC) AI model.

This groundbreaking technology promises to transform the way we shop for clothes and furniture online, reducing returns and enhancing the overall customer experience.

What Is DTC?

“DTC” stands for “Diffuse to Choose,” an advanced AI tool developed by Amazon.

It allows users to virtually try on clothing or visualize furniture in their rooms before making a purchase.

This means saying goodbye to uncertainties about how a product will fit or look in your space.

Features of DTC

Amazon’s DTC introduces a cutting-edge approach called diffusion-based image inpainting for “virtual trial and error.”

DTC Amazon AI

The technology offers a realistic depiction of products by incorporating detailed and semantically coherent fusion, complete with lifelike lighting and shadows.

The model employs two distinct networks to process product images, ensuring preservation of fine details like fabric texture.

How It Works

DTC’s functionality is rooted in its dual-network approach.

Amazon New AI Working

One network analyzes the overall image, while the other focuses on the specific product, maintaining intricate details.

Remarkably, DTC surpasses existing methods without requiring specialized training for each product.

The model has been tested extensively on both Amazon and public datasets, showcasing its versatility.


While DTC presents a revolutionary shift in e-commerce, it’s essential to acknowledge its limitations.

Issues related to the Stable Diffusion base, such as poor text rendering and potential changes in people’s poses in photos, are noted.

However, the researchers intentionally chose to prioritize broad applicability, like in interior design, rather than specific disciplines.


Is DTC setting a new standard in e-commerce? For consumers, it holds the promise of a more personalized shopping journey, aiding in well-informed decisions.

Retailers stand to gain increased customer loyalty and potentially lower return rates with better product visualization pre-purchase.

Amazon plans to release the code and a demo of DTC soon, marking a potential game-changer in the evolution of online shopping.

Embrace a future where uncertainty in online purchases becomes a thing of the past, thanks to Amazon’s innovative AI model.

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