Try Google’s New VideoPoet AI Tool

VideoPoet AI Tool

Google’s groundbreaking VideoPoet AI is ushering in a new era of video creation.

Imagine bringing your ideas to life with just a few words. VideoPoet is a giant leap in artificial intelligence, making video editing and animation accessible to everyone.

What is Google’s New VideoPoet AI?

VideoPoet is a cutting-edge Large Language Model (LLM) designed to transform text and images into dynamic videos.

Whether you want a robot dancing on the moon or a family photo turned into an animated scene, VideoPoet turns your imagination into reality.

Features of VideoPoet AI

1. Text-to-Video Magic

Describe your favorite book scene, and VideoPoet crafts a unique video. From vivid landscapes to futuristic scenarios, your words become captivating visuals.

2. Image-to-Video Enchantment

Cherished family photos come alive as VideoPoet animates them. Add a soundtrack, and watch your memories dance to the rhythm.

3. Video Stylisation Wizardry

Transform your home videos into sci-fi wonders or watercolor masterpieces. VideoPoet applies artistic styles, giving your videos a fresh, creative vibe.

4. Video Inpainting and Outpainting

Missing a part of your video? VideoPoet intelligently fills gaps, creating seamless visuals. Extend your videos beyond their original endings for a continuous experience.

5. Video-to-Audio Alchemy

Extract audio or let VideoPoet generate soundtracks based on visual styles. Unleash automatic music composition and elevate your videos with captivating sound.

How to Use VideoPoet AI

Though not publicly available yet, the future interaction with VideoPoet looks promising:

  1. Text Prompts: Describe your vision in words, and let VideoPoet interpret and generate stunning video sequences.
  2. Image Input: Bring still images to life by uploading them and adding text prompts or preferred styles.
  3. Control and Refinement: Refine results by adjusting settings, specifying camera angles, and exploring different scene variations.
  4. Stylistic Options: Choose from a library of artistic styles, tailoring the visual aesthetic to match your imagination.
  5. Soundtrack Generation: Enjoy a complete audiovisual experience as VideoPoet generates music and sound effects based on your content.
  6. Iteration and Collaboration: Interactively guide VideoPoet towards your desired outcome by tweaking prompts and settings.

Future of Google’s New AI Tool VideoPoet

While VideoPoet is still in the research phase, its potential is undeniable. As it evolves, we can anticipate a user-friendly interface, making AI-assisted video creation accessible to all.


Stay informed about VideoPoet’s development by following Google AI’s blog and research page.

Exciting possibilities lie ahead, where your creativity meets the power of AI to redefine the way we create and consume videos.

Get ready to embark on a journey into the future of video creation with Google’s VideoPoet AI.

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