Try Korean AI Filter: Turn Your Selfies into K-Pop

Try Korean AI Filter: Turn Your Selfies into K-Pop

If you’re a fan of Korean pop and Korean drama, ever wondered how you’d look as a Korean celebrity?

The Korean AI filter can make it happen!

It uses artificial intelligence to turn your selfies into stunning portraits resembling Korean stars.

In this article, we’ll guide you on using the Korean AI filter, have a blast, or try out different styles, the Korean AI filter is your ticket to unleashing your inner K-pop sensation!

What is Korean AI Filter?

The Korean AI filter, nestled within the Snow app, employs artificial intelligence to morph your selfies into portraits akin to Korean celebrities.

With this AI app, you can experiment with styles inspired by various celebrities, be they actors, singers, or models.

It’s a fun and trendy way to apply an AI makeup filter and visualize yourself in diverse looks.

The result? A realistic, flattering portrait ready to be saved or shared on your social media!

How to Use the Korean AI Filter:

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  1. Download the Snow App: Head to the App Store for iPhone users or the Google Play Store for Android users to grab the Snow app. It's free, but keep in mind that the filter isn't.
  2. Open SNOW AI App: Once installed, open the app, grant access to your camera and gallery, then tap "SNOW AI" at the bottom. Proceed to "AI Profile," and tap "Begin now." Sample images will showcase the expected results.
  3. Upload Clear Selfies: Prepare 10-20 selfies with clear facial features, varied angles, and expressions. Avoid group photos, full-body shots, masks, kids, overexposure, or black-and-white photos, as the app will delete them post-profile creation.
  4. Wait for Results: Once you've followed the processing timeline for your chosen service, you'll receive your new set of K-Drama-like portraits.


In a nutshell, the Korean AI filter, available through the Snow app, can turn your selfies into K-pop, Korean style portraits.

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