Try LUMIERE: Google’s New AI Video Generator


Google’s got a hot new AI Tool: LUMIERE, a Space-Time Diffusion Model set to shake up video creation.

Forget the old ways – LUMIERE is here to redefine the game with its AI text to video generator.

Why LUMIERE is different?

LUMIERE stands out by creating whole videos in one shot with its Space-Time U-Net setup.

No more fussing with distant frames or complex resolutions – LUMIERE keeps your video smooth and consistent.

The Inside Scoop on LUMIERE

Google spills the details on LUMIERE’s magic in a user-friendly paper on Hugging Face.

It’s got the tricks – spatial and temporal tweaks plus a text-to-image model – to whip up full-frame-rate videos.

Think image-to-video, video touch-ups, and cool stylized content.

Where’s LUMIERE? How to use it?

The buzz is real, but the model’s a no-show.

Users want to dive in, but Google’s holding back. It’s a waiting game, and frustration’s building.

Countdown Timer

Google, the community's ready – show us the magic!


LUMIERE's release is like waiting for a blockbuster.

Google's got the history, and LUMIERE seems like the next big thing.

But why the wait? Will Google drop the magic or keep us guessing? The ball's in their court, and the AI world's watching for the next move.

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