Try ‘Make It More’ AI Trend

Make It More AI

The ‘Make It More’ AI trend involves using Dall-E 3 to progressively enhance images based on specific traits like more cuteness, more size, etc.

Users can request the tool to make an image ‘more’ of something, resulting in creative and often unexpected transformations.

Lets explore The ‘Make It More’ Trend in AI Image Generation Tools.

How to Make It More with AI

With a Bing AI, users can dive into the ‘Make It More’ trend by instructing Dall-E 3 to generate images that progressively enhance a chosen trait.

Whether it’s cuteness, size, or any other characteristic, users can experiment and witness their creations evolve.

From spicy ramen to a meme lord, the possibilities are endless.

How to Follow the Trend

Join the trend by simply requesting Dall-E to make an image ‘more’ of something.

Embrace the unexpected twists and turns, as your prompts may lead to delightful surprises or, in some cases, take a mysterious and perhaps amusingly sinister turn.

Explore the diversity of the trend with adjectives like cute, big, or cheerful.


As the ‘Make It More’ trend gains momentum, it showcases the unpredictable nature of AI creativity.

From towering water bottles to monstrous cats devouring galaxies, this trend exemplifies the limitless possibilities when blending human curiosity with artificial intelligence.

Embrace the unexpected, and let your imagination run wild in the world of ‘Make It More.’

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