Try New Google AI Image Generator – But Here’s Catch

Google AI Image Generator

Google has entered the AI image generation arena, joining the ranks of Adobe and OpenAI.

The tech giant introduced a text-to-image generation AI feature directly into Google Search, but there’s a twist.

This feature is accessible exclusively through the Search Generative Experience (SGE) in Google Search Labs, currently in its experimental beta testing phase.

The new image creation feature is powered by Google’s proprietary AI foundation model, Imagen. It’s been available since May via the Google Cloud AI development platform, Vertex, albeit with credit card access.

A Google spokesperson clarified that the rollout began recently and encouraged users to keep an eye out for updates.

In a similar vein, OpenAI had a gradual rollout of vision and audio capabilities for ChatGPT. As for when image creation will be widely accessible in Google Search, there’s no definitive timeline yet.

This slight hiccup in accessibility might pose a challenge for Google, given the existing competition in the AI image generation space.

Google, however, is not without its own set of challenges. Recent updates to its AI chatbot Bard and its integration with other Google Apps received mixed reviews.

Additionally, there were concerns about privacy when Bard conversation links were indexed by Google Search.

As the race for AI supremacy continues, users can look forward to a future where creativity and productivity are seamlessly intertwi

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