Universal Music Sues Anthropic AI Over Song Lyrics Distribution

Universal Music Sues Anthropic AI Over Song Lyrics Distribution

In a recent legal move, Universal Music Group and fellow music publishers have taken artificial intelligence company Anthropic to court.

They allege that Anthropic’s AI model, Claude 2, has been distributing copyrighted lyrics without proper authorization.

The complaint, filed in Tennessee, points out instances where Claude 2 generated lyrics nearly identical to well-known songs even when not specifically asked to recreate them.

Furthermore, the plaintiffs argue that Anthropic’s distribution lacks necessary copyright management information, a standard upheld by other lyric-sharing platforms.

They emphasize that licensed usage ensures fair compensation and credit to creators.

The lawsuit also contends that Anthropic used copyrighted material to train its language models, an action the plaintiffs consider unauthorized and infringing.

Universal Music Group asserts that while they employ AI tools in their operations, distributing material without permission is not innovative, but rather tantamount to theft.

The complaint maintains that Anthropic has the capability to prevent copyright infringement but often falls short of implementing sufficient measures.

It highlights instances where Claude 2 refuses prompts for certain songs due to potential copyright infringement, though specific songs were not disclosed.

This lawsuit is part of a wider conversation surrounding copyright infringement in generative AI. The music industry is striving to navigate the balance between leveraging technology and safeguarding intellectual property.

Various lawsuits have been filed against generative AI platforms, including ChatGPT and others, regarding the use of protected data and results resembling copyrighted content.

Universal Music Group has signaled its intention to collaborate with tech giants like Google to address AI-related issues, as seen in its partnership with YouTube to guide generative AI practices on the platform.

Anthropic emphasizes its commitment to trust and safety, rooted in the concept of “constitutional AI,” a framework aimed at training AI systems to adhere to predefined rules.

It’s worth noting that Amazon recently made a substantial investment of $4 billion in Anthropic, with additional backing from Google, which contributed $300 million to the company in September.

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