Watchwrestling.AI: AI Website Closure and Try New Site

Watchwrestling.AI has been a go-to website for wrestling fans, offering a free avenue to enjoy professional wrestling content.

The site boasts an extensive library, including full pay-per-view episodes, past matches, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Features at a Glance

  1. Diverse Video Library: Access full episodes of pay-per-view events, relive past matches, and enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.
  2. Active Community: Engage with fellow wrestling enthusiasts in discussions about favorite matches, wrestlers, and storylines.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Navigate effortlessly through a well-designed interface, making it a breeze to find the content you’re passionate about.
  4. Free and Legal: provides a legal and cost-free solution for fans to indulge in their love for professional wrestling.

The Unfortunate Closure

In October 2023, faced a setback when it was shut down due to copyright infringement claims by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE).

ACE, representing major entertainment entities, alleged illegal streaming of copyrighted wrestling content.

Shutdown Details

  • Legal Action by ACE: ACE accused of illegally streaming copyrighted content, prompting legal action.
  • Owner’s Cooperation: The site’s owner, unidentified publicly, cooperated with ACE’s investigation, resulting in the site’s closure.
  • Domain Seizure:’s domain was seized and redirected to ACE’s website.

ACE’s Track Record

ACE has a history of taking action against copyright infringement, having successfully shut down notable sites like Popcorn Time, Putlocker, and IsoHunt.

Perspectives on ACE’s Actions

  • Praise from Copyright Holders: Copyright holders applaud ACE’s actions as a crucial step in protecting intellectual property.
  • Criticism and Concerns: Some view ACE’s actions as a threat to online freedom, arguing that it hinders innovation and access to legal content.

Alternative of

Here are some alternatives to that you can try:

  5. Maniac Wrestling

Please note that these websites are not affiliated with and may have different content and features.

It is also important to be aware of copyright infringement issues when streaming content online and avoid such websites.

The Ongoing Copyright Debate

The clash between copyright enforcement and illegal sites continues, with’s closure marking another chapter in this ongoing debate.

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