What is White House’s AI Executive Order?

White House's AI Executive Order

The White House is gearing up for a big announcement about AI executive order on Monday, 30 oct, 2023. This is a major step for the U.S. government in managing this fast-evolving technology that’s been getting a lot of attention worldwide.

Checking AI for Safety

The plan is to introduce AI executive order just before a global summit in Britain where leaders, top tech folks, and groups concerned about AI’s impact on society will be gathering.

The new rule will make sure that fancy AI programs get checked before they’re used by government workers. This is all about keeping things safe and secure.

Easing Entry for Talented Workers

But that’s not all. The order will also make it easier for super talented people from other countries to come work in the U.S.

This way, America can stay at the forefront of technology. Important government agencies, like the Defense and Energy departments, will study how they can use AI to make our country’s online defenses stronger.

Special Event Hosted by President Biden

President Biden is even hosting a special event all about “Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence” on Monday.

Now, remember, this plan isn’t set in stone yet. There might be some changes before it’s officially announced.

Global Efforts on AI Safety

Over in Europe, they’re also working on rules for AI, trying to make sure it’s used safely.

And back in the U.S., lawmakers are figuring out how they want to deal with this powerful technology.

President’s Commitment to Responsible AI

This is a big test for President Biden and his team. They’ve been trying to keep an eye on the tech world, but it hasn’t been easy.

AI is bringing a whole new set of challenges, especially with important elections coming up worldwide.

Collaboration with Tech Giants

President Biden has been talking about this for a while, and he’s taking action now.

He’s got big companies like OpenAI, Google, Adobe, and Nvidia on board to help. They’re all working together to make sure AI is used responsibly and safely.

Experts Ensuring AI Safety

People from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, who are experts in this stuff, will be checking out these large AI programs the government uses. It’s kind of like a safety test.

Opportunities for Skilled Workers

And here’s some good news for super smart folks from other countries. It might become easier for them to come work in the U.S., especially in AI-related fields.

This is something tech companies have been asking for a long time.

Congressional Support for AI

So, while the government is doing its thing, Congress is also getting involved. They’re working together with the White House to figure out how to best handle AI.

They’re looking at funding for research and making it easier for skilled workers to come to the U.S.

Exciting Times in Tech

It’s an exciting time in the world of technology, and there’s a lot happening to make sure it’s all done right!

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