White House Launches AI.gov, after AI Executive Order

White House Launches AI.gov

The White House has just unveiled AI.gov, a brand-new website dedicated to all things artificial intelligence (AI). This exciting move is part of President Biden’s plan to boost AI in the U.S., making sure it’s used responsibly and for the greater good.

What’s In Store for You:

  1. AI Made Simple: We’re in for more tech changes in the next few years than we’ve seen in decades, and AI is leading the charge. Get ready for a whirlwind of innovation!
  2. Government Gets Tech-Savvy: The government is stepping up its game with its first-ever executive order on AI. This means higher standards for testing and using AI systems in federal agencies.
  3. Your AI Go-To Hub: AI.gov is your one-stop shop for everything related to AI. From safety standards to civil rights guidance, it’s got you covered.
  4. National AI Talent Surge: They’re on a mission to recruit top-notch experts to build and manage AI systems. This means exciting opportunities in the public sector!
  5. AI Research in Action: Discover how the government is investing in AI through initiatives like the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative. It’s all about teamwork with academia, industry, and society.
  6. Ethical AI Practices: Learn how to use AI responsibly with the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource. It’s a treasure trove of data, tools, and resources for researchers and students.

Why It Matters:

In a world where AI competition is heating up, the U.S. is taking a stand. AI.gov showcases America’s commitment to leading in AI and collaborating with other countries.

President Biden’s Message:

According to President Biden, governing AI is non-negotiable. It’s the key to realizing its full potential without risking harm.


With AI.gov, the White House is opening the door to a future filled with exciting AI possibilities. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking journey!

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