Why Medium bans AI content?

Why Medium bans AI content?

Hey there, writers and bloggers! Medium, the cool blogging site, has some news for you.

They’ve decided to make their platform a “home for human writing, full stop!” That means they’re not so keen on fully AI-generated stuff anymore.

Scott Lamb, the content director at Medium, thinks people prefer reading good old human-written stuff over AI-created content.

You know, AI-generated text can be a bit dull, lacking the human touch and wisdom. It’s got some tiny flaws too. So, Medium is saying bye-bye to the AI-only pieces on their site.

But don’t worry if you’re curious about AI! You can still play around with it on your own Medium blog. Just don’t expect to become an overnight sensation.

Now, here’s the deal: If you do use AI in your writing, be honest about it! Medium wants everything to be transparent. So, label your AI-assisted content clearly so readers know what’s going on.

Medium’s not alone in this!

Other places like Artstation and Stackoverflow have also dealt with AI content. Some have limited it, while others said nope to AI-generated stuff.


Medium is all about celebrating human creativity and storytelling. They’re not totally against AI, but they want us to remember the magic of human writing.

If you’re a young writer, take note! This is just the beginning of a bigger conversation about AI in content creation. The digital world is changing, and we’ll see how AI fits in.

For now, let’s keep it simple. Medium loves human stories, and that’s what they want from us. So, let’s embrace our creativity and leave the AI for some fun side projects. Happy writing!

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