Wilson! Lo Siento! Viral Chicken Disney AI Poster

Wilson! Lo Siento! Viral Chicken Disney AI Poster

Discover the latest internet craze – Wilson! Lo Siento!

A heartwarming viral video featuring a floating chicken and a flood, reminiscent of a famous scene from Castaway.

Dive into the origins and the wild journey this video has taken across social media platforms.

Chicken & Disney AI Poster Trend

Video of a chicken on a tiny raft in a flooded area, accompanied by the emotional cry “Wilson! Lo Siento!” This endearing clip quickly amassed 14 million views and 2 million likes.

This video gain more attention when Disney AI Poster Trend combines with it.

Disney fans crafted AI-generated movie posters featuring the chicken with Wilson! Lo Siento! as name of movie poster.

Not to be left out, Disney enthusiasts embraced the trend, with Disney-themed parodies flooding social media.


In the realm of internet trends, Wilson! Lo Siento! stands out as a delightful and infectious phenomenon.

From its humble origins on TikTok to making waves across Disney-inspired AI Posters and PGA videos, this viral sensation continues to spread laughter and joy.

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